008. Surprise trip to Lasting Memories

Our our way home from my training Shawn surprised me with a trip to Lasting Memories. They were all set up for Christmas. It was their Christmas open house. :) They have so many great ideas. I used Shawn's phone and got a few pictures. I even found a Christmas gift there for someone. I wonder if I should put it together or should I let her? hummmm..


007. Finished Projects

Just finished one project and a part of another. :) My trees turned out cute but one is a little Charlie Brownish and each has it's own personality. I also finished the fronts of the boards for my hallway but I ran into an issue. The panels are about a quarter of an inch too small :( Oops. I also can't get the backs off of the frames. I will have to have Shawn work on it for me. I might have to make a change of plans if neither of these things work.

006. Mass Production and a Little Help

Yesterday I spent the entire day cutting out material for two of my projects. I cut out eight tree napkins and trunks, and the parts to my bulletin boards for the hall. Today my goal is to sew them all up and iron them so they can be put together. Unfortunately I have a little helper that has decided he can help by pushing the pedal on the sewing machine when my fingers are in it. I cleaned it all out and unjammed it and then five minutes later he does it again. I give up for now. I will go back to it later.