Cards for Friends

I stayed up until midnight making these two cards for friends. The first one is for a woman who took the time to send my yearbook class a 1917 Sunnyside High School Mirror Yearbook. It is now the oldest yearbook we have for our school. We didn't even know the yearbook was produced during that year. It was so nice of her to send it.

The second card is one that I made for a friend that was dying. We were told he wouldn't live past the week. He was a great guy that did a lot behind the scenes with kids. I wanted the kids to send him a thank you for all he had done. After all, we don't work with kids because it pays well. I thought he would love to hear how the kids appreciated all his work. A co-worker delivered it for me that next afternoon and he died that night after he got the card. I don't know if he actually was able to read it but I know the family will appreciate it if he didn't.