4.26.2010 Craft Warehouse Entries

I decided to enter the Craft Warehouse Design Team competition one week before it was due. I had just finished the yearbook and I was ready for another challenge. I want to do two things in the next few years. One was apply to be on a design team and the other is to go to Washington DC with Shawn and the kids. Well, I applied and won! I am so honored to be part of the new team this year and I can't wait to take the challenge. God has blessed me with this opportunity.


4.23.2010 Cropping Fun

Had a fun time at the crop. There were only minor issues. :) I was able to finish two pages even with the problems. The second page was inspired by an Ali Edwards page.


4.21.2010 Easter Photos

My family is all dressed up for Easter. What cuties! The day ended rough with Josh falling really hard on the driveway chasing an egg but overall a great day.


4.18.2010 Today's Projects

I had two major Scrap projects today. My grandma's birthday card and 12 Bunko invitations. I finished all the invites and then even had time to scrapbook a page. :)


4.10.2010 New Goodies

New goodies always inspire me to play and create more. thinkers and Pink Paisley. What's better than that. I picked these up and Craft Warehouse. I can't wait to use them. I even bought some extras to share with Diana.

4.12.2010 Recent Scrapbooking Creativness.

I have been on a roll the last few weeks. It's great to sit down and play. I even applied for the Craft Warehouse design team. I have always wanted to apply for a design team and now I have. :)