Craft Warehouse Guest Designer Project Life Cinnamon Core Kit Fun

I am having tons of fun with Craft Warehouse this month.  They sent me wonderful goodies and I just couldn't decide which way I wanted to use them.  So I did them all.  Including a Project Life card holder inspired by my great friend Diana Anderson.  Thanks Di!  Check all the projects out at the Craft Warehouse Blog.  Enjoy!


Summer Vacation in Seaside

Home from vacation at Seaside, OR.  We had a great time and I can't wait to get my photos printed and make an album.  :)  Every time we go I take a photo of my husband and my kids walking into the sunset.  Eventually I would like to make a timeline with all the photos together. I also used this as my Clouds assignment in my Big Picture Phone Photography class. 


Craft Warehouse Guest Designer Echo Park Photo Freedom

Today I was featured on the Craft Warehouse Blog as a Guest Designer.  This project is a month in my life in a Pocket Scrapbooking style.  The post has a video of me making the layout for those who want to see how I look at 400x speed. :)   Check it out at the Craft Warehouse Blog 


Big Picture Class - Phone Photography Project

I am currently taking a class from Big Picture Scrapbooking.  It is called the Phone Photography Project.  I originally took the class to get more knowledge about phone photography for my class at the high school but it is only the second day and I am having so much fun!  Today my kids and I did an initial scavenger hunt taking photos with my phone as we found them and then put the photos into a collage using an app named Fuzel.   We laughed and drove around town like crazy people trying to find the letters we needed.  The kids loved it.  This is the final product.  I may even frame them for my wall.