013. Another Project Done!

I am so excited that I have another project done. :) Thanks for a wonderful time to finish up. Now I need to finish a couple of other projects so I can put them away for next year. Humm...who was that second set for? I think I will keep it for myself. :)


012. Pictures of Josh

This is why I pay people to take pictures of my kids. This was hard work and I think I only got a couple of good shots.

011. Busy December

So I was determined to finish all my projects before this Christmas. I didn't even get close but I did a lot. I started with a couple of bridal shower prizes. It was fun to make these little guys.

Then I had to make the actual baby shower gift. This one caused a problem. I was going to write with vinyl on the glass in my frame but This frame was too well made for that. I would have had to glue the glass in. Instead I Made it in fabric. I think it turned out nice.

The last thing I did was make my work friends gifts. An army of reindeer. It was a lot of work but they turned out very nice.

It was fun. Only around seven projects to go. :)